Glen Urquhart Community Council

Glen Urquhart Community Council

Minute of Meeting held on

Monday 27th June 2016 at 8.00pm

in Blairbeg Hall, Drumnadrochit

1. Present: Pam Lucas (Chairman), Fiona Urquhart (Planning Secretary), Peter MacDonald (Treasurer), David Fraser (Vice Chairman), Ken Fraser, John Duncan, and Val Cooper (Secretary)

Also present: Councillor Margaret Davidson, Ann Fraser, (Glen Urquhart Rural Community Association), Constable Scott Maclean, (Police Scotland), Cliff Green, (STAG) and 2 members of the public.  

Apologies: Stuart Ross and Councillors Helen Carmichael and Jean Davies.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 23rd May 2016 were adopted as a correct record (Fiona Urquhart / Peter Macdonald)

3. Matters arising from minutes

No items not already covered by the agenda.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Peter MacDonald reported that the balance stands at £1429.57, no payments have been made since the last meeting.

5. Policing Update

Constable Scott Maclean was welcomed to the meeting and provided the following report:

Road Safety – One unconditional offer had been issued for a speeding offence in Drumnadrochit.  Two non-injury road traffic collisions, one injury road traffic collision on the A82.  Numerous reports regarding manner of driving of vehicles on the A82; mainly rental vehicles – drivers spoken to and given advice.

Public Protection – No incidents of note.

Drugs / Alcohol Misuse – No incidents of note.

Crimes of Dishonesty – one report of vandalism to a vehicle in Drumnadrochit; enquiries ongoing.

It was noted that youngsters had begun congregating in the medical centre car park and using skateboards in the area.  Members discussed the possibility of using the school or community education minibus to transport groups to the skatepark in Inverness.

Members also noted with concern the hazard created by the bus reversing up towards Balnain Primary School at pick up time.

Constable Maclean was thanked for attending the meeting.

6. Renewables

Proposed wind farm at Cnoc an Eas – Notification had been received from Force 9 that they would be reviewing and photographing site lines from houses in the area, and it was noted that this had since been completed.  It was also noted that the Highland Council planning website was now only showing application, decision notice and environmental reports and that objections lodged were no longer accessible, this may be a glitch on the website.  Action – Margaret Davidson

Soirbheas AGM – Meeting scheduled for 30th June in Balnain Hall.  

Volume of Traffic – Members discussed the significant increase in lorries on the A831 in recent weeks, it was understood that they were transporting hard core and rock from Kerrow but the purpose or destination of the activity was unclear, although it was thought that they may be travelling to the Bhlaraidh wind farm site.  It was agreed that the community should be advised of planned increases to traffic such as this, the impact to the community and the adverse effect on the roads was significant.  Action – Margaret Davidson to establish activity of the lorries and whether it had been taken into account in any recent planning approvals.

7. Roads

A82 – It was noted that the dustbins had now been fitted in the newly opened upgraded layby on Loch Ness side however more frequent emptying was required.  

Margaret Davidson advised that she had the results of recent speed surveys undertaken around Drumnadrochit and it was currently being decided whether any follow up action was required.  It was suggested that a speed survey might also be undertaken in Balnain.

Margaret also advised that she had recently met with representatives from Bear Scotland, Scottish Water and the Highland Council to discuss the drain flooding issues in the vicinity of Drumnadrochit Post Office, the drains were holding a significant amount of rubble and stone, this would be cleared and the drains would be checked again to establish if any further work was required.

8. Loch Ness Homes

It was noted that a public exhibition by Loch Ness Homes was being scheduled in advance of detailed planning permission.  Margaret Davidson advised that she was concerned that the density of rent to buy and council houses included in the development was incorrect and would be discussing this further with the planning department.  Members also discussed the heating type and noted that all electric heating options would provide problems in the event of any extended periods of power cuts and could prove costly for occupants. It is important that members of the community attend the open drop in session, 3.00 to 8.00pm, on Tuesday 30th August in Blairbeg Hall,  examine the proposals on display and take into account what was included as part of the planning specifications.  The plans will also be discussed by the community council subsequent to the exhibition. This will provide the public with another opportunity to make their views of the plans known.

9. Planning Applications

15/03995/PIP - Proposed house site. Land West of Craobhach, Drumnadrochit – refused due to non-compliance with requested percolation tests.

16/02649/FUL - Erection of house Land 55M SW of Ridgewood, 1 The Kennels, Balmacaan, Drumnadrochit - noted

Members were unaware of a planning application referring to the extension currently being constructed at the old police house in Drumnadrochit.  Action – Fiona Urquhart

10. Correspondence

FCS Management Plan Consultation – Passed to John Duncan

Visit Scotland – use of Visitor Centre during winter months – passed to Chamber of Commerce

Fire Service Draft Strategic Plan Consultation – check if local unit have any issues they would wish.  Action – Pam Lucas

11. Any Other Business

Flooding – it was noted that a meeting was scheduled for 14th July at Highland Council headquarters to discuss progress and proposals for flood prevention measures at Kilmichael, Balmacaan and within the village.  An update would be available at the August GUCC meeting.

Cover – It was noted that parts of the path to the cover were badly eroded and were becoming dangerous.  It was confirmed that the community association were pursuing this issue.

Access to Loch Ness – members discussed the necessity for an action group and action plan for access to Loch Ness, currently trade and tourism locally were suffering due to the inability to reach the shores of the loch, while other areas around the loch were much further ahead with their access and facilities.  It was agreed that this was an area where the Chamber of Commerce should lead developments.

12. Details of Next Meeting

The next meeting was scheduled for Monday 22nd August at 8.00pm in the Craigmonie Centre.   

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.45pm.